Kate Freeman with Tibetan singing bowls

Meditating with Sound

Tibetan Singing Bowls Meditation is an ancient practice dating back to the time of the Buddha. The rich, harmonic overtones produced by singing bowls can induce a state of deep, centered focus and meditative serenity.

Meditating to sound helps synchronize the left brain and right brain, which promotes present awareness and more balanced discernment.

What a Singing Bowls session Is Like

As you lie down or sit back, Teacher Kate Freeman plays the singing bowls and other world instruments for you. You can use hearing as your meditative object of focus or totally surrender and bliss out – allowing soothing, rich sounds and vibrations to bring you deep relaxation, vibrancy, and harmonious joy.

You are invited to bring any props that support your comfort. Zabuton cushions, blankets, eye pillows, and chairs are provided.

Event Details

  • Date: the fourth Wednesday of each month (unless rescheduled – please check the calendar)
  • Time: 7:00pm – 8:15pm. Come early to get a good spot! NOTE: the door is locked at 7:00pm.
  • Location: AIM Meditation Hall, 175 Weaverville Rd, Suite H, Asheville (Town & Country Square)
  • Cost: $10 requested. (Core Members: please note that your membership does not cover the cost of special events.)

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