Your presence and caring voice would be greatly appreciated

Our meditation community is humming along nicely and experiencing some natural growing pains.

AIM’s mission is to provide Mindfulness meditation and Buddhist teachings to all those who seek it, no matter what.

As a community, we are at a turning point where we have to address these growing pains and come up with some strategies, concerning certain matters, such as:

  • We seem to have outgrown our present space during regular sangha sessions.
  • Many people have opened our meditation room doors, seen the large crowd and promptly left (too much crowding).
  • How can we come together as a sangha to either get a bigger space, or maximize the space we already have?
  • How can we afford a bigger space?
  • What are some of the other offerings we could offer our AIM community and the Asheville area community?

During this meeting, Ronya Banks – AIM’s founder will outline our present circumstances and communicate ideas from AIM’s board and other sangha members.

If you value AIM’s presence and mission, and you would like to see AIM continue healthfully into the future, we would love to have your presence and cooperation!

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