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Online, Live, Interactive Dharma talk with Ronya Banks

April 19, 2020 at 2pm EST

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About the Talk

Embracing Uncertainty – Practice During Crisis

Sunday, April 19, 2020 at 2pm Eastern

The truth is that you will never be absolutely safe. All things change constantly, even what is most precious. This is the angst of life, the price of being a conscious human being.” – Phillip Moffitt

As a spiritual practitioner, you learn to see and accept “uncertainty” as a fact of life – even during the best of times.  But the circumstances surrounding this global pandemic is amplifying “uncertainty” and the “stress of the unknown” to new heights, as you are faced with ongoing threats in every domain, including to your very own existence!

Join Buddhist teacher Ronya Banks as she provides you with nuggets to help you work with this uncertainty so that it does not become overwhelming.  Instead, you will learn to actually embrace and cultivate comfort with uncertainty such that it offers you with access to a deep inner stillness, even amidst world crisis and chaos.

Dharma Reflection

Since this pandemic began, many clients have contacted me, reporting feeling either depressed and shutdown, or in a state of panic, or quiet desperation.  Although it is normal to feel difficult emotions during times of crisis, we discovered together that a driving force of their turmoil was basic resistance to “uncertainty”, to the “unknown”.  They were experiencing the angst from wanting but not having answers to questions, like: When will this imposed isolation end? Will things go back to normal? Will my finances recover?  Will I be safe or will I get sick?  If I get sick, will I survive?  Will my loved ones be okay or will they get sick and die?

From a Buddhist practice perspective, we are directed to actually turn towards this uncertaintyand fear of the unknown.  But this is easier said than done.  Join Ronya Banks as she addresses:

  • How to recognize uncertainty;
  • Buddhist practice perspective on uncertainty;
  • Turning towards and working skillfully with uncertainty;
  • Embracing uncertainty with wisdom and compassion;
  • Opening to and being restored by inner stillness during chaos.

About Ronya Banks

Ronya Banks

Ronya Banks is the Founder and lead teacher of Asheville Insight Meditation. She began her meditation practice in 1985, and she has spent over a year on silent residential Insight Meditation retreats with over 30 different teachers. She considers Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, and Gina Sharpe her primary influences.

In addition to experience as a Theravada Buddhist nun, Ronya is a graduate of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center Community Dharma Leader program. She has been teaching for over a decade to people from all over the world. Ronya’s earlier life also included being a business entrepreneur, consultant, and single mother of two presently grown children. She is known for being able to distill complex subjects into easily digestible teachings.

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