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Online, Live, Interactive Dharma talk with Ronya Banks

July 21, 2pm EST

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About the Talk

Join Insight Meditation teacher Ronya Banks online to explore the Buddhist teachings and practices that bring inner peace—even in the midst of chaos.

Many people seek happiness and peace by trying to control or change aspects of their lives and world. But these attempts usually create frustration and pain because life is inherently imperfect and uncontrollable.

The ancient wisdom teachings of Buddhism show us how to cultivate inner peace independent of external conditions. Ronya will outline and explore the Buddhist practices we can follow to discover and maintain inner serenity.

About the Online Program

The talk host, Worldwide Insight is a Dharma practice group that you can join from anywhere in the world. Each Sunday, renowned Insight Meditation teachers offer meditation instruction, teachings, and live Q&A online.

Worldwide Insight functions just like city-based Insight Meditation groups around the world, but you can attend from anywhere. Worldwide Insight covers the whole globe, yet delivers the dharma right to you.

About Ronya Banks

Ronya Banks

Ronya Banks is the Founder and lead teacher of Asheville Insight Meditation. She began her meditation practice in 1985, and she has spent over a year on silent residential Insight Meditation retreats with over 30 different teachers. She considers Jack Kornfield, Joseph Goldstein, and Gina Sharpe her primary influences.

In addition to experience as a Theravada Buddhist nun, Ronya is a graduate of the Spirit Rock Meditation Center Community Dharma Leader program. She has been teaching for over a decade to people from all over the world. Ronya’s earlier life also included being a business entrepreneur, consultant, and single mother of two presently grown children. She is known for being able to distill complex subjects into easily digestible teachings.

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