Lucid dreaming

Every night the “divine voice” speaks through dreamtime, offering insight, guidance & wisdom.

About the Workshop

The Dream Workshop will include these activities:

  • Instruction
  • Group interaction
  • Questions and answers
  • Dream analysis

Every mythology and scripture of the world tell long revered stories demonstrating the unequivocal importance of listening to your dreams. Learning the language of your nightly dreams is a powerful spiritual practice and a potent life skill. Every night what some call “the divine voice” speaks in the dream time providing wisdom, insight and guidance. You see underpinnings of your practical and spiritual life. The drive of the dream is to enlighten and to heal.

Tayria says “The urge of a dream is always to heal and help move us toward wholeness.”
A Quote from the Talmud: “An uninterpreted dream is like throwing away a letter from God.”
Stanislav Grof says “If the material is not emotionally important, it wouldn’t make it into our dreams.”

This workshop will be a time of remembering their power and listening to the voice too long culturally dismissed and overlooked.

The Instructor

Tayria Ward

Tayria Ward, Ph.D. has 40 years experience of working with her own and other people’s dreams. She has spent over 20 years studying the world’s religions before completing her doctoral work in Depth Psychology. She has a private practice in Asheville and conducts retreats, vision quests and dream workshops.

Event Details

  • Date: Saturday, August 27th
  • Time: 10am – 2:30pm
  • Location: Asheville Insight Meditation, 175 Weaverville Rd, Suite H, Asheville, NC 28804
  • Cost: $40 per person

**Please bring a bag lunch.**


For more information, call Margaret at 860-841-6993.

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In preparation for the Dream Workshop with Dr. Tayria Ward it is suggested that you place a little pad and pen next to your bed. Each night as you go to sleep make an intention to remember your dreams. When you awaken, before you let your thoughts go forward to what you have to do next, before you even move your body if possible, keep your attention on where you have just been. See what comes back to you. Any dream, image, sensation, feeling is notable. Jot down what you need to help you remember it before you leave the bed if you can, and then as soon as possible write the whole narrative out in a dream journal or pad kept just for these notations. Don’t worry if nothing is there, just keep intending. Your effort is building a bridge between your dreaming and waking psyche.

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