The Secrets of Generosity – from the 10 Buddhist Perfections

Ever wonder why it’s sometimes easy to be generous and other times its more difficult? Deborah Marie will present the basic principles of generosity and how to create and expand it in your own life.

About Deborah-Marie

Deborah Marie Diamond


Deborah-Marie Diamond has been teaching meditation for over 25 years. She was certified by Jack Kornfield and Tara Brach to teach Insight Meditation. She has been sharing Buddhist principles throughout her career. She is a master teacher and healer. Her purpose as a teacher is to guide others to actualize healthy life-affirming practices into daily life. She assists others to become more connected and conscious about Climate Change and our role to protect and sustain the health of our Earth. She gently guides participants to become more present, aware, and heart-centered in all situations with all beings.


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